With strikingly long legs, it should be no problem for this blogging wizard, to walk right over your head. Unfortunately, her coordination is far too poor to do so. An ardent movie watcher, Morgan is interested in buying a large share of Netflix.  With what money, no one can be sure. The occasional fantast who allows her imagination to get the best of her, she became fascinated with blogging when she read I.B. Bloggin’s novel Getting Rich From Blogging.  With friends who are always ready to bring her back to Earth, Morgan is simply happy to be “part of the crew, and part of the ship!”


An avid player of the Sims video game as a child, Annie has extremely strained eyes, and therefore her ability to spot beauty in any shape or form and capture it with her camera – which she refuses to part with – is a mystery of the ages.  A ferocious athlete, Annie barely had time to blog because she wanted to “just do it”, in the words of Nike. She began writing for this blog because it seemed like a lucrative idea before she was informed that WordPress does not host advertisement.  Now she does it because she is sort of having fun.


A part time chef who juggles several jobs to support a debilitating shopping obsession, Zoe was dragged into the blogging world on a threat, but no one wanted to pay any ransom money for her, so she gave in and is blogging strong. Zoe can be found speeding inappropriately fast down ski slopes, taking small children out with her, due to a general lack of knowledge of how to move her legs whilst they are attached to “two big sticks”. Her hobbies are playing with other people’s pets, and abusing her own.